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ValuLink Technology Solutions represents the very best Leading Edge service providers. In most instances, we are the Master Agent and the provider relationship is direct. In those instances we have high performance rewards in line with high performance expectations which we routinely meet. That means that aggregating your sales with us can give you solid residual returns. In situations where the commitment required to achieve acceptable payout levels is too rich, we associate with other Master Agents to gain access to product sets and reward levels that support our agents’ expectations.

We offer a variety of agent programs with the payout based on projected activity levels and support requirements. Regardless, there are key elements in common across all of the plans:

  • We provide the quotes and offer recommendations based on the customer’s situation, 
  • Your reward is based on a percentage of whatever income is received so there’s never any doubt about what your bottom line will be. There are no “ladders” to climb impacting your pay.
  • With ValuLink, meeting commitment levels is simply something we do. Because of our success, you have the advantage of receiving high payouts without having to worry about commitment obligations placed on you.
  • We offer “Evergreen”: As long as you are actively recruiting and servicing your customer, and are receiving a required monthly commission payout, you will be paid for as long as we get paid, for the life of the client.

ValuLink Technology Solutions is an agent-based organization. Whether you are a cross-connect and/or a cabling company; a network solutions provider; an industry consultant; or a direct or independent sales agent or even another agency, we understand your needs. We are motivated to help you succeed because we cannot succeed unless you do.

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