Did you know that when you call one carrier at a time to compare services, that single carrier is only allowed to sell the services they have in their box? Get out of the Box! Let us mix and match services from many carriers to fit your every need.

Did you know it is possible for you to have discounted services of up to 30% on many carrier services? That’s right, carriers have to legally wholesale their products and services!  They cannot exclusively hold an entire market.

Status Questions to Ponder

(What does "status" mean to us and also to you? It’s Your industry’s standing in the community.  

It’s the stage reached in your business growth.  It’s how important you make your customers feel.)

  • Are you still on active telecom contracts?

              If not, why are you not looking for a better change? Technology is different everyday!

  • What type of business are you in? (Manufacturing, Adult Care Communities, Banking, Call Centers, Construction, Chain Restaurants, etc.)
  • Who are your key customers and how do you make them happy?
  • Are you having challenges or are you looking around to see what’s new?
  • What types of challenges are you having and how long have you had them?
  • Are you looking for better productivity and/or profit enhancement?
  • Are you looking for better people productivity?
  • Are you looking to make changes to your services or phones?
  • If so, why are you looking to change?
  • What do you currently like or dislike about your present services?
  • Who do you work with when you have problems with your telecom services?
  • Does your business have a Website?
  • Does your business have recovery for data and hardware?  Do you have a Virus Defense system?
  • Did you know that with just a copy of your phone bill we can begin to answer many of your questions?
  • Are you aware that most “challenges” can be resolved quickly and less costly with newer technology that did not exist one or two years ago, sometimes even months ago?

We can help you better over the phone if we have a perception of your business and your challenges.




  • Did you know that new technology can make your mobile phone look like you are sitting at your desk, and  your mobile plan can cost you less if you use minutes through your desk phone?
  • How many phone lines do you have?
  • How many sites/locations do you have?
  • Is your current telecom solution requiring you to make unnecessary, expensive upgrades?
  • Did you know that you can have a “pay as you grow” solution?
  • How much does your business spend monthly on inter-office calls?
  • Are you interested in Voice Over Internet Protocol services (VoIP) ?
  • Do your employees have different group functions?
  • How frequently do your employees talk to each other, location to location?
  • How much do you want to spend?
  • What is your price point?
  • Why not let us surprise you with low cost quotes?


  • Do you have downtime on your internet?
  • If so, how much of the time are your services down?
  • What reason are you going through this problem?
  • What are you looking for someone to do for you?
  • Are you willing to switch services?
  • What is your present bandwidth power? (take our Speed Test)
  • What do you have to lose by just investigating what is new that you could use to make your business function better?
  • Did you know we can hit price points 91% of the time?
  • Can you believe you don’t have to do anything to get started besides give us your company name, address and Business Telephone Number?


  • Did you know that you can Build your Perfect Solution by working through solution dynamics?
  • You choose your own Solution because no one knows your business better than You do.
  • You choose your tools for success
  • You tell us what you need
  • You choose the Direction
  • You grow Your business while we shop for You
  • You Build your business structure
  • You Build your perfect business engine
  • You see the difference
  • What is at the Core of Your Business that makes it work so well? 
  • How is Your foundation for communications?

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Voice is not just talking to someone on the other end of the line.  It is You saying the right thing that impresses someone who is on the other end of the line.

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