Does the Fastest or the Consistent make it to the finish line first? 

A speed race is akin to talking about the data flow that runs through your cable, DSL, and UVerse.

Thanks to a marketing group somewhere, we have come to use “speed” as a term to describe “bandwidth” when really the functional part of that term is "width" which facilitates “throughput”  which the term ‘speed’ has become an acronym for..

Let’s formulate a scenario:

A car race is a good analogy for this setting.   Imagine a divided superhighway versus a secondary road.  The secondary road may be the shortest distance between point A & B, but it is likely to be curvy and you could get stuck behind a school bus without a way to get around it.  The divided highway only has traffic going one way on either side and it is multiple lanes wide.  Yes, you could get behind someone doing the speed limit, but barring an accident, that’s probably the slowest you are going to go.  If you are traveling any distance worth talking about, most times you’ll get to your destination faster on the superhighway than the secondary road.  Best effort (asynchronous) products like cable, DSL, & UVerse are shared and variances occur in the bandwidth available to you because congestion on the road disrupts data flow.  What’s white lightning fast at 2 a.m. can be more like sitting behind that school bus just after all of the kids get home and light up facebook, etc., etc.  A dedicated, synchronous product (T1) is more like a superhighway where you can turn on cruise control and just flow.

Does the fastest or the consistent make it to the finish line first?  Ponder the fable of The Tortoise and the Hare or you could now just boast ‘Wisdom Better than Folly’.

Again I saw that under the sun “The race is not always to the swift . . . but time and chance happen to them all.”                                                                                                                                                                                      Ecclesiastes 9:11–12

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